Month: April 2017

  • Maze Qore Livestream

    Last week, I was live-streaming progress on our latest project Maze Qore and it was somewhat successful. Here is to hoping we can do more of this every week. I have discovered that I can focus and work more efficiently when I am streaming progress on my game for the audience than doing so offline. […]

  • Maze Qore: Upcoming Development Livestream

    Where the hell have we been?!? Last year, I have stated in our last article that we were going to try to reach the April 2017 release window for the game. That was before I realized how limited UDK truly is. Personally, I don’t care about the complaints on graphic inferiority compared to Unreal Engine […]

  • Man O’ Spring – Spring #UE4 Jam 2017

    Man O’ Spring – Spring #UE4 Jam 2017

    Bring Spring all across the barren dead-lands. Use your tornado to restore life back to the forest. Controls: WSAD – MoveLMB – Activate Power Created during the March #UE4 Jam 2017. Establish. Explore. Expand.

  • Valentide! – GDL February Game Jam 2017

    Valentide! – GDL February Game Jam 2017

    Valentine finally grew tired of Valentines Day and the people who exploit it and goes on a mission to ruin his own holiday – kill everyone. One hearty bastard with a bio goo gun.Plenty of men wondering out of nowhere.One large sandbox shooter sidescroller.All made with Unreal Engine in 4 days. Only struggles – time […]

  • Abyss Rush – May UE4 Jam 2016

    Abyss Rush – May UE4 Jam 2016

    This is rather late but we thought you may want to give our first game jam submission a try. A top down rocket diving simulator game I worked on with his team. Establish. Explore. Expand.