Maze Qore: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! – Work In Progress [10/31/17]


This year has been a total NIGHTMARE for me…

There’s been a lot of things that happened in my life, some of which did affect progress of the game and I dare not go into too much details about it, but at long last, I finally have some progress to demonstrate how far Maze Qore is going.

Before I do, let’s just get the bad news out the way first.


This one’s rather difficult to explain, but long story short, one the nightmares this year is the fact that I now need a new voice actor to fill the role of the Psyker due to a very unforgiving experience. I won’t go into too much details but let’s just say the female VA we had left due to internal conflicts and she is NOT someone I really want to have working on my project.

Moral lesson of the story: Be careful who you work with, always have them sign an NDA/contract before they start work.

UPDATE: Some have complained about the original explanation I had here (legal loophole concerns and all), so I decided to remove it. Thanks for the feedback.


Well, until I can get a new female VA (or two), there might be a serious absence in vocal dialog, at least for all female characters. I already covered most of the male characters save for a few roles of which I already have someone else covering that right now. I had promised the audience who tried the demo at the conventions I showcased the game at there would be a voiced singleplayer demo and early access beta by Christmas. I am sad to say, this may not come to pass.


Right, almost forgot!

The Journal:


Journal - Inventory Journal - Inventory Journal - Inventory Journal - Inventory

Progress Report

Journal - Progress

Gameplay Stats:

Pickup Message

Pickup Message


Shared Animations - Melee Attack (Assault Rifle) Shared Animations - Melee Attack (Pistol) Psyker Animation - Summon (WIP)


The $hop [WIP] Maze Qore - Upgrade Capsules Back Pill 'o Death


To end this progress update, we were hoping to release the singleplayer demo today to celebrate Halloween. Unfortunately as you may have read from what I stated above (presuming you did not do the ‘TLDR skip’), that won’t be happening either. I also need to polish the inventory system before I can release said demo as that is one of the few obstacles remaining. So instead….

I will just release this pre-alpha tech demo I showcased at the conventions this year!

Maze Qore - Expo Demo

Happy Halloween! Hopefully Witch Seneca didn’t prey on her next victim tonight.
That’s all folks! Goodnight!

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