Marketplace: 2D Top Down Shooter

2D Top Down Shooter - Cover 2

2D Top Down Shooter is the two-dimensional action-arcade experience template to make shooter development for the iOS and PC flash games much easier. Blueprint code setup and ready on the go for gameplay and instant action.

– 360 Hours (15 Days) in Development
– Entire Game Framework
– Characters (AI & Player)
– Simple Team Allegiance System
– Simple Inventory System
– Weapon Switch [PC Only]
– Inventory Wheel [Mobile Only]
– Simple UI framework
– Maze-like assets for procedural generation.
– Health, Armor, Weapon, and Ammo pickups

As an added bonus we also have a built-in Main Menu Template packed with your generic single and multiplayer experience as well as a credits and unlockables menu for any extra perks you want to slide into your game.

Main Menu Template.png

Constructive criticism are absolutely welcome. Tell me what you think folks!


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