Enough Is Enough

I usually try to keep this business and server away from politics, be it governmental or social (though I personally don’t mind being political upfront on my own accord at least on other communities, not the least afraid to admit it), I cannot help but feel I must take a stand here because I am dumbfounded at the behavior the gaming world has engaged in regarding this Russian-Ukrainian War of which may be a precursor to a pending World War III (I hope I am terribly wrong).

So this laughable excuse for a gaming industry (along with the rest of that joke we call the Western world) is going utterly insane (as they usually do with many social issues) as they penalize the Russian and Belarussian people for the ridiculous decision their own governments made by launching a full-scale assault on Ukraine. While I can actually somewhat understand the motive in this case, this is still extremely unfair and a ludicrous way to ‘send a message’ to the Russian government; by suffocating the Russian people, whom had nothing to do with Putin or his elite cabinet’s stupid actions, yet are now suffering for the government’s actions, similar to what happened with China prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While I don’t want to go too far on the opposite end and kiss ass to the Russians or Belarussians, I don’t like sitting by watching them get strangled to death by this blatant insanity. I will do what I can to help the Ukranian, Russian, and Belarussian citizens affected by this war. Starting now, I will be granting a free key to Qorena for any gamers from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

You can contact me on the Discord server or the contact form on this website with proof of citizenship or residence and I will register you on the list for a free copy once Qorena leaves early access and releases this year. The proof does not have to be government documentations proving you are a citizen from any of the three nations, however if you insist, ensure that you censor everything (including your photo if you wish to retain anonymity) save for your name and the nation of residence or citizenship. Alternatively, if you wish to conceal your real name as well, show evidence of your username from the store you wish to obtain your free copy (for Steam, we need your Steam community name or URL; for itch, your username) in the photo (or a second photo if you wish) to prove it is truly you.

For Steam users, it is recommended that you wishlist our game on Steam in order to ensure you receive the key on release.

Establish. Explore. Expand.


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