Maze Qore: Upcoming Development Livestream

Where the hell have we been?!?

Last year, I have stated in our last article that we were going to try to reach the April 2017 release window for the game. That was before I realized how limited UDK truly is. Personally, I don’t care about the complaints on graphic inferiority compared to Unreal Engine 4, or Unity, as most computers are still not strong enough for UE4 yet anyway and the graphics of UDK can still suffice to this day and the gamers will still buy and love a UDK game if it shows promising potential. That said, I only cared for the most important aspect in making a great game – the gameplay. Problem is, UDK only supports 7th-gen consoles. What this means is that if we want to ship our game to consoles such as Xbox ONE, PS4, or Switch (which we do), then we’d need the full-license source code to UE3 AND we have to implement 8th-gen console support manually, which neither prerequisites are cheap or worth the hassle (since I have to pay my way through each console provider individually). So we chose our best and only option – move to UE4. They console support and code is already bundled and updated in UE4 saving developers the finance-crushing hard-work. That also meant we had to restart the project nearly from scratch, which leads to our next problem.

I am currently struggling with publicity and marketing for Maze Qore. With our first game, this was less an issue since we were using an existing IP and the notoriety from it could still be diverged into a positive one with just a bit of know-how (which I have). However with a new IP, it becomes insanely difficult and an easy make-or-break scenario. No one knows what Maze Qore is yet and we’ve not proven enough reason for them to care either nor do we have enough resources to do so. I am afraid it may take longer than I hoped and I am unsure if we’d even get the game into early access before the end of the year, especially now that Steam will be replacing their distribution model.

Starting on April 20th, 2017, I will be hosting a live-stream on the game. Hopefully this will help garner some support for this project. We will create a Twitch account for NeotlEmpire in due time and will announce it a few days prior to the stream date, but just in case something goes wrong with Twitch. Feel free to follow us on Beam instead.


Alright, time for screenshots as you’ve all been waiting for.

A few developer-only editor nodes to guide us with our AI system and our custom-made actor master-class.

Waypoint Actor In Game Cover Node Actors Ammo Pickup Actors

We have also redesigned our HUD from the UDK version complete with mini map (WIP).

The New HUD

Finally as an added bonus, I have made one promotional drawing to celebrate the #MakeItSUPERHOT contest from the last two months.

HOT Qore


Meanwhile, stay tuned for more in the future through social media.

That’s all for now, Lord Iheanacho signing off.

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Man O’ Spring – Spring #UE4 Jam 2017

Bring Spring all across the barren dead-lands. Use your tornado to restore life back to the forest.



Created during the March #UE4 Jam 2017.

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Valentide! – GDL February Game Jam 2017

Valentine finally grew tired of Valentines Day and the people who exploit it and goes on a mission to ruin his own holiday – kill everyone.

One hearty bastard with a bio goo gun.
Plenty of men wondering out of nowhere.
One large sandbox shooter sidescroller.
All made with Unreal Engine in 4 days.

Only struggles – time management and firing projectiles.




Valentine’s Day 2017 Submission

Created during the GDL February Game Jam 2017.

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Abyss Rush – May UE4 Jam 2016

This is rather late but we thought you may want to give our first game jam submission a try. A top down rocket diving simulator game Lord Iheanacho worked on with his team.

You can check it out here.


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Game Over for Army Men III [Literally]

I know I said this game was postponed for a while but eventually after the director and I talked about it and we decided it was finally time to pull the plug for good or dare I quote a term from our former PR manager “let the old beast die“. Alas, a proper post-mortem can’t go without it’s backstory right?

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Introducing Maze Qore

I mentioned about a new game in the works in news from my last game and here it is.

Maze Qore is half-way towards completion and I want to celebrate it by showcasing the game at the annual, 2016 Southern Interactive Entertainment and Games Expo, or SIEGE for short.

Starting Friday, October 7th 2016, I will be hosting Maze Qore at SIEGE for others to tryout at my designated booth. I will be giving out artwork for others to keep and enjoy as well. First come first serve.

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[UE4 Tutorial] Resolving Steam Leaderboards

Greetings. I’ve discovered from one of my clients from my job that many seem to have trouble getting Steam’s leader boards to update properly via Unreal Blueprint.

If you try to use “Write Leaderboards Integer” Blueprint function right now, it will create the leader board stat but will not actually add any entries and if the stats already exist, it’ll only make blank updates – practically nothing happens.

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The TRUE Fate of Army Men and Future of Néotl Empire.

Greetings folks! Lord Iheanacho here!

I’ve uploaded a video today explaining what is to come from us, including Army Men III’s true status (no, it’s not really dead), and future plans of Néotl Empire and it’s YouTube channel. You can watch it below.

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Army Men III Beta Version 1.2 Update Released!

After 2 years, Beta 1.2 is finally released! Because Unreal Engine 4 is now free (and the anti-mod support barrier is removed), this will be the last release using UDK as we are currently migrating to Unreal Engine 4. UE4 provided much better opportunities that are otherwise impossible or very hard to achieve in UDK (unless I buy the UE3 license and get the full source code).

Army Men III Banner - Download Now

You can find more information on the game here.

Long live the Empire!
Néotl Empire

Rise from the Absence – Happy New Years Day 2015!

This may have been uploaded late but it has to be done. It has literally been a full year since we’ve posted anything on this page and today is the day we will explain why. (No the project is not dead and there is no also New Year’s Day video either.)

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